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Albert, I., Ancelet, S., David, O., Denis, J.-B., Makowski, D., Parent, É., Rau, A., and Soubeyrand, S. (2015). Initiation à la statistique bayésienne : Bases théoriques et applications en alimentation, environnmenet, épidémiologie et génétique : Éditions Ellipses, collection références sciences. [book webpage, publisher link]


  1. Rau, A. (2017) Statistical methods and software for the analysis of transcriptomic data. HDR (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) thesis, Université d’Évry Val-d’Essonne. [link] Note: HDR is a high-level (post-PhD) degree granted by French universities that provides an accreditation to supervise research.
  2. Rau, A. (2010) Reverse engineering gene networks using genomic time-course data. PhD thesis, Purdue University. [link]

Statistical methods

  1. Rau, A., Flister, M. J., Rui, H. and Livermore Auer, P. (2018, accepted) Exploring drivers of gene expression in The Cancer Genome Atlas. Bioinformatics, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/227926 [link]
  2. Godichon-Baggioni, A., Maugis-Rabusseau, C. and Rau, A. (2018) Clustering transformed compositional data using K-means, with applications in gene expression and bicycle sharing system data. Journal of Applied Statistics, https://doi.org/10.1080/02664763.2018.1454894. [link]
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 Statistical applications

  1. Verrier, E., Genet, C., Laloë, D., Jaffrezic, J.,  Rau, A., Esquerre, D., Dechamp, N., Ciobataru, C., Hervet, C., Krieg, F., Quillet, E., Boudinot, P. (2018) Genetic and transcriptomic analyses provide new insights on the early antiviral response to VHSV in resistant and susceptible rainbow trout. BMC Genomics, 19:482. [link]
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  5. Sauvage, C., Rau, A., Aichholz, C., Chadoeuf, J., Sarah, G., Ruiz, M., Santoni, S., Causse, M., David, J., Glémin, S. (2017) Domestication rewired gene expression and nucleotide diversity patterns in tomato. The Plant Journal 91(4):631-645. [link]
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Book chapters

  1. Martin-Magniette, M.-L., Maugis-Rabusseau, C. and Rau, A. (2017) Clustering of co-expressed genes. In: Model Choice and Model Aggregation. Ed. F. Bertrand, J.-J. Droesbeke, G. Saporta, C. Thomas-Agnan. [link]

Submitted and pre-prints

  1. Foissac, S., Djebali, S., Munyard, K., Villa-Vialaneix, N., Rau, A., Muret, K., Esquerre, D., Zytnicki, M., Derrien, T., Bardou, P., Blanc, F., Cabau, C., Crisci, E., Dhorne-Pollet, S., Drouet, F., Gonzales, I., Goubil, A., Lacroix-Lamande, S., Laurent, F., Marthey, S., Marti-Marimon, M., Momal-Leisenring, R., Mompart, F., Quere, P., Robelin, D., San Cristobal, M., Tosser-Klopp, G., Vincent-Naulleau, S., Fabre, S., Pinard-Van der Laan, M.-H., Klopp, C., Tixier-Boichard, M., Acloque, H., Lagarrigue, S., Giuffra, E. Livestock genome annotation: transcriptome and chromatin structure profiling in cattle, goat, chicken, and pig. bioRxiv, doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/316091. [link]
  2. Jehl, F., Klopp, C., Brenet, M., Rau, A., Désert, C., Boutin, M., Leroux, S., Muret, K.,  Esquerré, D., Gourichon, D., Burlot, T., Pitel, F., Zerjal, T., Lagarrigue, S. Phenotype and multi-tissue transcriptome response to diet energy change in laying hens. In preparation.