Research overview


My research interests involve applying statistical reasoning to problems that bring together the fields of biology, genomics, bioinformatics, and statistics. I am especially interested in the development of statistical methodology for the analysis of high-dimensional genomic and transcriptomic data, and the implementation of such methods in open-source R/Bioconductor packages. My research is primarily focused on two objectives:

  1. Inferring gene regulatory networks from microarray data, particularly through the use of time-course and intervention (gene knockout and knockdown) experiments, and
  2. Developing sound statistical methods for the analysis of RNA-seq data, including differential expression analyses, co-expression analyses, and network inference methods.

My full CV may be found here, my Google Scholar profile may be found here, and my ResearchGate profile may be found here. Follow me on Twitter at @andreamrau and check out my GitHub repo.

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I’m currently on a 20-month sabbatical (October 2017-May 2019) through an AgreenSkills+ fellowship to work with my colleague Dr. Paul Livermore Auer at the Zilber School of Public Health at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.